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About Skytrade
SkyTrade International is the UK's foreign exchange investment service providers. We specialized in forex market and our team are highly trained professionals with years of experience in both forex and stock market investments.

We are making forex trading easy by providing easy to understand all in one investment solutions to every members worldwide and making their financial journey and goals come to life. We provide 24/7 customer support and 1 on 1 live chat trainings for people who wants to start their journey with SkyTrade International.
SkyTrade International partnered with different international forex and stock brokers to watch and trade different currencies and commodities. Our team are also consist of different financial planners and brokers to create a sustainable investment products and services.
SkyTrade International LLC
Skytrade International Ltd
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Money Never Sleeps
Unlike other financial investment and market, Forex market is open 24 hours a day and 5 days a week, We open our position early Monday morning in Australia and closing our trading Friday in New York.
Dependable Customer Service
Customer service is not just about providing solutions to our users problems but we are building and creating a good relationship with all our users worldwide.
Small initial investment
Everyone can easily open an investment account with a low $10 initial investment. All our users are free to try our different investment levels depending on your startup capital and risk appetite.
Automated System
SkyTrade International created a secured investment dashboard that allows our customers to complete a deposit and withdrawal transaction instantly.
Worldclass Security
At SkyTrade International, Clients security are our top priority. All our users are offered with highly secured customer dashboard with an optional 2FA account security.
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